Kool Thing Frame

Frame Specs:

•  TT- 20.75″, 21″                                                               •  ST- 71
•  HT- 74.5                                                                            •  CS- 13.75″
•  BB- 11.75″                                                                       •  Stand over- 9″
•  3/16″ heat treated drop outs                              •  MSRP- $380





Tubing Specs:

  • TT- 1 1/4″ OD Double Butted
  • DT- 1 3/8″ OD Double Butted
  • ST- 1 1/8″ OD Single Butted
  • SS- 3/4″ x .035
  • CS- 3/4″x .049 Single Bend


With the introduction of my first bike, I wanted focus on making it as rad as possible. I worked long and hard hours with the boys over at Solid Bikes to come up with what I am calling the Shark Fin Technology. 

This is that little ring left in the bottom bracket during machining to help the tube not distort while it is being welded. What this means is easier installation for you. That little extra material is tuff just like a shark.”  -Dave Harrison



•  Stainless Badging                                                             •  Removable brake mounts
•  1/50 Limited down tube badge                               •  Shark Fin Technology
•  Finish: Raw and Black                                                    •  TCB top tube gusset


Shops can contact Pedal Driven Cycles directly at pedaldrivencycles@gmail.com