The biggest thanks to these people

Well here we go. I can not say enough about the response I have gotten from everyone about this project and the start up of Pedal Driven Cycles. So far we have raised over $5000 and it has only been a few days. Just to let everyone know that this is an all or nothing goal. The more money I raise the more things I will be able to do for this project. Please keep the word out about this project and thanks for the support. Here is a list of the already amazing people who have backed me and a few links to some media which have picked up the story. Also excuse the mess and lack of content on my site while I get it dialed in. Thank you so much. David Harrison Casey Schofield, Kate Halloran, Shawna Reilly, Robert Hackett, Wes Johnson, Kurt Hohberger, Stewart Johnson, Brian Blaine, Talya Bean, Kyle Keck, Ryan Corrigan, Laura Hayward, Adrienne Hudspeth, Slutsy Ross, Benjamin Mistak, Shaun Pola, Polly Trigger, Chris Controneo, Jonathan Greene, Tracey Bunting, John Lee, Brien Kielb, Jeff Lockwood, John Wells, Andrew Cornett, Aj Camp, Kate Jackson, Dioni, Heather Thomas, Victoria Zdrodowski, Vic Bettencourt, Darryl Nau, Casey Copeland, Lauren Pressman, Leif Valin, Brian Chapman, Scott Warner, The Jacksons, Aaron Behnke, Kate & Dave, Diane Smith-Baczek, BLVDbike