NEW FRAME "The Slab"

_DSC0002w Urban Dictionary: 1. slab (Slow Low And Bangin’): describes any fully customized, pimped out car to hit the streets. The style was born in Houston or “Screwston,” but has been spreading around the country. Houston Chronicle – Houston is to slabs what France is to champagne, what Seattle was to grunge. Slab enthusiast in Urban Dictionary – “I'm a slab rider and nuttin less.” _DSC0006w   When I set out to build this Slab I knew I wanted it to be tough and functional for the streets. Some key features are raised chain stays for extra grind clearance. Long tapered head tube for some extra material where it is needed. Now you can have your own Slab by Pedal Driven Cycles and pimp it out with your own style. If you want something dedicated to the streets this is your Slab. _DSC0007wShawn Arata has been testing an example of this frame since the last Texas toast Jam without fail. Available in 20.625 and 21″ the geometry is as follows: HT: 75 degrees ST: 71 degrees CS: 13.375″ BB: 11.625″ Stand over: 9″ 3/16″ Heat treated drop outs MSRP: $385 _DSC0012w