Kink 1-Piece Brake Cable
Black Kink 1-Piece Brake Cable, bmx bike Brakes

Kink 1-Piece Brake Cable

Kink Bmx
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Kink 1-Piece Brake Cable
Unifies Brake Cable and Straddle Cable Into One Piece
Reduces Brake Flex and Simplifies Brake Installation
Three Preset Adjustment Points to Fit Most Brake/Frame Combinations
DX Brass Cable Lug System Eliminates Cable Bind
Requires Slotted Cable Guide and Cable Stop
Works with Frames with 245mm Cable Stop Distance

Kink One Piece Cable system incorporates all the great features found in the DX linear cable, and creates a simpler brake cable system requiring minimal setup. The three preset straddle cable lengths fit with all modern frames, and the remaining straddle cable length can easily be trimmed off. This single unit cable system greatly simplifies brake installation, reduces maintenance and increases braking stiffness. Note: The One Piece Cable system requires a slotted cable guide and cable stop. Works best with modern frames using a 245mm cable stop to mount distance