Bender Match Box 1" Phillips - Pedal Driven Cycles
Bender Match Box 1" Phillips - Pedal Driven Cycles
Bender Match Box 1" Phillips - Pedal Driven Cycles

Bender Match Box 1" Phillips

Bender Hardware
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1" Phillips Head hardware.

Tip dipped at 1/4".

Packaged in custom printed match box. 

Original production 2010. 

10 years ago, Gary Hart and myself created Bender Hardware. Two dudes who always took the longer and more difficult way to do things. Something as easy as hardware in a bag had to be scrutinized and overly planned to the point of exhaustion. Mental exhaustion was the only way we were going to let anything get to a final product. You would not believe how hard it was to find a remotely affordable printer of custom match boxes, this size, in the US.

The hurdles were constant to the point of Gary making some back door deal with a mfg dude in China that thankfully worked and the boxes got done. And we were also looking for supply houses for hardware. "So, whole hardware dipped in red?" No, no...the last 1'4".,,the tip. "Why? We can dip the whole hardware or paint the heads red for you..." I frustratedly began creating our own paint boards to get these things dipped red. Both with full time jobs, Gary would send emails of art and ideas late at night while I was trying to wake up about 4am to get a couple of hours in before work. We'd talk throughout most days on lunch breaks and drives home to our families after work. Without a single order or much hype in the local scene we launched with friends who just happened to fucking rip, a loose definition of the word "TEAM" and low ego flaunting. The response was great. The scene supported.

 The orders went up and the time consuming ordeal of gluing boxes, painting hardware and packaging became too time consuming after the first year and a half. Shifted to the bags for bigger orders and cost concerns from then on. Until a year ago, finding a small box of 80 unused boxes. Talked with Gary at a skate jam in Columbus, GA last winter and he said he had a whole pack of unbuilt boxes somewhere at his house......Well, damn, you know next summer is 10 years, right? 

 Made some more of these guys. They are a little more cost wise. They're incredibly more time wise. But, I can assure you that when these run through, this is them. A definite, "all of them". If you grew up with Bender in your scene or maybe you're getting into the more detailed side of skateboard culture, these may be ones you wanna have to hold on to. Or shit, skate em and keep your weed in the box. That was the original idea after all. 

 I appreciate all the years and support from you dudes. It's mind bending to be skating and have someone explain they still have their box from their youth. 10 years is a LONG time in skateboard years. I appreciate you all letting me stick around.