Easter Weekend

img058This weekend is the second jam FBM is throwing at the Lost Bowl. I will be in attendance along with many of my Binghamton buddies.  I apologize in advance for the amount of times I say ‘deah’.  I can only assume they will be unavoidable. Last year I got this souvenir of Garrett Byrnes blasting out of the deep end. David is en route to Athens, Georgia to look for a new place ahead of this summers move.  There are a bunch of Jams happening this weekend (hmmm) if you are near any of them be sure to check them out. -Bryan

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Dean Sleeper’s new whip

So I recently built up a custom bike for a good buddy of mine.   It was a fun build due to Sleeper being Sleeper – always busting my balls about when his bike would be done and how it would change the world of bmx when it dropped.  Here is a pic of the new whip.  We will wait to see how it will change the world.  The weather is finally getting nice here so I hope everyone got out and enjoyed it.



Spring 2014

A lot has been going on at Pedal Driven this winter. Dave has been building Kool Things and is nearing the 50th model. Combine that with a custom run with Circuit BMX, plus the numerous customers that have placed orders, and it has been a very busy year. Despite that, Dave is still working to produce a street-oriented frame this spring with optional grind guards on the chain stays and a beefed up steeper head tube. Be sure to check back soon as there are some other projects in the works.

Thank You!

A huge thank you to everyone that made it out to the meet and greet at Circuit BMX there was an awesome turn out. While we are at it, thank you Revival Brewing for providing the refreshments for the evening and thank you Nice Slice for the pizza. The night was a blast. There were riders from as far as Buffalo, New York in attendance and only one dog bite fatality.

A lot has been going on this year at Pedal Driven, here are some links in case you have missed them thus far.

Ride BMX listed the Kool Thing frames has one of its hot for 2013 products.

ESPN had a write up on the Kool Thing release. No photos of Dave in his underwear were used in the making of this article.

The Union also had a good write up on the release of the Kool Thing

Thank you so much everyone for checking out the site and for spreading the word. Bikes are now shipping from Providence to all over the country. We can’t wait for spring and what that might bring.

Kool Thing Release Party @ Circuit BMX

Pedal Driven x Circuit FlyerThis is promising to be a good time. Circuit BMX is hosting a meet and greet with the man behind Pedal Driven cycles, David Harrison. Come by and have a drink with the guys.

Totally Relaxed

I think this is the first time that the slam cam has been employed in an edit. Check out what Nick Ferreira has cooked up.

Fall Photos

Every year as winter begins to creep back into reality I try to make an effort to ride a couple cool spots before the weather breaks. My friend Jake Reid was kind enough to share some photos from those sessions. Enjoy.

BF-it Trailer


Growing up Brian Foster graced my walls more than once. This documentary that was put together by Stew Johnson showcases one of the greatest riders of all time. Check out the trailer and track down the film.

Black Friday

No we aren’t having a sale. However an amazing photographer and a good friend of Dave’s, Sandy Carson has an awesome feature on NPR about his photo blog “Picture Black Friday” It is awesome to see Sandy’s work out side of BMX and it is even cooler to see it get the recognition it deserves. Check it out!

You Get What You Get

I have owned and lost two copies of Terrible Ones, "You Get What You Get". The played out term 'epic' comes to mind when I attempt to describe this movie. For those of you that might have missed this gem, the premise was simple. This is a trip video that contains some of the greatest riders of all time, traveling around the world to some of the greatest spots. The vibe of the entire film is amazing. I remember watching this with my friends growing up and thinking we had to go somewhere new. In all honesty, this opened my eyes to bmx travel and the world as a perpetual skate park. This is the last section and it brought those feelings of lets go ride some place new. Enjoy.

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