PDC Feel The Radness

  • PDC & Matt Stahl introduce the Operator 22" wheel frame

    These days the 22" market is growing fast. It seems that more and more riders are seeing the benefits of the larger wheel and frame sizes. Most of the offerings in complete bikes and frames are targeted towards the trails riders featuring slack head angles and longer rear end lengths. So what about the street and park riders that don"t want that trails bike feel? Recently Pedal Driven Cycles has started work on a frame with their rider Matt Stahl (stahl4130) with the help of some heavy hitters in the 22" bike community to test, give feedback and film for a small web edit. Working along side Mad Mike (madmikebmx), Tim Timpe (turtle4130), Nathan Steere (natesteerebmx), Ureal Stalling (lb4130) and John Wold (john wold-facebook) the PDC team is carefully looking at everything from the geo to what thickness tubing should be used to create the most modern and aggressive 22" frame to date.